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The L4D Achievement, Nothing Special

Left 4 Dead has been out on the PC for over two months now along with its 50 stress-inducing achievements, the broken LAMB 2 SLAUGHTER notwithstanding. Of those, NOTHING SPECIAL is inarguably the most difficult to attain with only 1.5% of all Left 4 Dead players having unlocked it,...

Loading L4D Faster

Tired of the slow loading times between double-clicking your Left 4 Dead icon and actually joining a game? Cry no more, these two tips will save you those precious seconds that can make all the difference:

Left 4 Dead Sprays

Pretty much what the title says; the movie spoof posters seen in the loading screen campaigns turned into sprays. I pulled them from the Left 4 Dead Steam folder using programs over at Nem’s Tools. Desaturated versions have a more “used universe” look and do not stand out as...