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Raining in Caves: A Minecraft Beta 1.8 and 1.8.1 Bug

Another Minecraft bug where rain pours down inside a cave.

Nine Fail-Spartans

Making our last Team Fortress 2 video dump (leftover, random clips) became rather boring because… well, I don’t play it anymore and they’re not that interesting. So instead, I have created this short Minecraft video featuring Domino and Pigmen and loud music.

Burning Trees

I think the original idea was to make a flat platform deck out of trees. But when I was finished with it, it just didn’t match with the house I was building beside it. So I set it ablaze. The deck, that is, not the house.

Freezing Water (time lapsed)

After an update, we noticed our SMP server began going through an Ice Age and all the water was freezing over. What you see above is a time lapse of the process set to some nice ambient music by Aphex Twins.

Build Server 3 Minecart Station

I spent way too much time (a couple hours a day for over two months) designing this minecart station but I really had fun doing it. It’s located right by my Fallingwater house and is largely my design, except for the track selector. I was originally going...

Sheep Mitosis: A B-a-a-d Bug

Occasionally, we wipe our Minecraft SMP server and start a fresh one. This last time, we were having a hard time finding a world we liked so I had an idea. Someone had figured out how to use a seed on a multiplayer server without using a...

Fallingwater in Minecraft

After seeing someone else’s Fallingwater and how poorly it was done, I decided I wanted to do it better. It took me awhile to get around to it but I did finish and it came out well.

A Four Number Combination Lock

This video shows off a working demonstration for my four number combination lock in Minecraft. It’s kind of boring for those who don’t know or care much for redstone circuits but, if nothing else, you can make a drinking game out of it. Every time I say...