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Warhammer RvR is Kind of Fun [NOT!]

I despise player versus player fighting in RPGs. A lot. Which means I don’t play it. A lot. As I would be the absolute last person to review any sort of PvP battling or mechanics or trash talk due to extremely biased views, I’ll leave that up to Seyon,...

Editorial: TEAM Fortress

I’ve been a huge fan of Team Fortress 2 over the past eleven months, but lately have just not gotten the bug to play. Game time has been limited to screwing around on private listen servers, testing out maps, pushing class limits, making amusing videos, etc. Valve has been...

First Impressions: Warhammer Online

If you would have asked me months ago about Warhammer Online, I would have mumbled something about a miniature tabletop game followed quickly by “WOW clone.” I didn’t really have a high opinion of the Warhammer universe at all, and probably even a lower opinion of the MMO based...

Really Slick Screensavers

I can’t remember the last time I thought “Wow” for a screen saver. But in searching for dual monitor programs, I came across this page: is a website by Terry Welsh who created OpenGL screen savers as a hobby. It looks like he hasn’t done any in years...

A Falling Down Bug

Warhammer Online is a relatively newer game with (shocking!) relatively few bugs. Here is a short video though showing one of the funnier ones.

TF2 Heavy Sandwich Taunts

This minute long clip plays all seventeen of the Heavy’s “nom”ing taunts. Here is a transcription from TF2 Wiki:

TF2 Heavy Weapons Guy Wallpaper

…How embarrassing; death by malodorous dessert fumes. This is a great freezecam shot of a Heavy Weapons Guy after brutally pwning Seyon (who capped the pic). Smoothed some edges but the original needed very little cleaning. Thanks, tonus! Download:


Real life sucks. Sorry for not posting anything lately. I received some bad news last month and that really took the air out of me for writing. I am going to make an effort to post more regularly. Again, I’m sorry for it being a ghost town around here.