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Emetophobics Beware!

…or “Screwing Around Again in L4D2, part 251.” This is 54 gigabytes of raw footage edited into four minutes of short clips for today’s attention-deficit netizens, myself included.

Left 4 Dead 2 The Incredible Tank Recolor

This is a very quick recolor of the L4D2 Tank to make him appear similar to The Incredible Hulk. I say similar because he doesn’t look quite right without hair. Or eyeballs. The skins are in vpk format for easy installation and instructions are included. I suggest that you...

z_spawn headless_headshot

Tge screwing around again on Valve’s throughly bug-checked Headshot Mutation. Slash end sarcasm.

L4D2 Hello Kitty Hunter Reskin

That’s a mouthful. But descriptive. I completely redrew the sweater using the original as a template, with very liberal use of various grunge brushes. The skin is in vpk format for easy installation and instructions are included. Download it here. On a side note, I never realized that the...

Left 4 Dead 2 “Leaked” Trailer

I was on vacation last week so that’s the excuse I’m using for how I missed this. A “leaked” version of a L4D2 trailer appeared on the web last week. I bet you can’t avoid getting a little excited. Me, I cried… out of happiness.

Left 4 Dead 2! Wait. What?

The recent announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 has had mixed responses from the gaming community: some people were happy, most were a little confused, and quite a few were severely pissed off. Left 4 Dead had just come out in November and most people were waiting for more content...