Archive of : September, 2011

Burning Trees

I think the original idea was to make a flat platform deck out of trees. But when I was finished with it, it just didn’t match with the house I was building beside it. So I set it ablaze. The deck, that is, not the house.

Lucas, your powers are indeed weak.

This clip from the upcoming blu-ray release is hilarious and incredibly sad at the same time. After watching this along with Vader’s second NOOOOOO, Star Wars is truly dead to me. Oh well, I’ll just have to watch this funny remix on repeat to cheer myself up.

Anet, we have a problem. Make that problem-s.

For the past two years, ArenaNet has been revealing a steady stream of information about its upcoming MMO, Guild Wars 2. Many questions have been asked of them (often repeatedly) regarding basic issues such as “what is going to be the most powerful class?” or “is there a level...