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Farewell to Seawell, Part 3 – House Interiors

This video focuses on interior design: it’s rather fabulous. Fabulous though in an incomplete way… the game expects more than one year’s play to collect all of the furniture sets.

Farewell to Seawell, Part 2 – The Museum Collections

The second in our “farewell” series, this is all about the consequences of obsessive-compulsive collecting. Which also just happens to be the museum’s insect, fish, fossil, and art collections. I do have a gripe about the paintings: with the real to fake ratio over the year we...

Farewell to Seawell, Part 1 – The Town Tour

We’ve played Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii for over a year and it’s about time to call it quits. The collectibles that could be caught/bought/found, have been, and those that haven’t, won’t, even if we play through another year. This video will be the first of four,...

Portal 2 Craft

Simple Pi, a friend, co-worker, gamer, geek and fellow Minecraft addict, recently gave me the above woodcraft. He had heard me talking about Portal 2 and how much I enjoyed it. He saw a similar craft online and thought he could do it too. Oddly enough, he won’t ever...

“The Major-General’s Song,” salarian-style

Guess it really is worth playing through a RPG actually role-playing instead of focusing on maximizing a character’s morality, skill-set, achievements, what have you. I just discovered this gem while replaying Mass Effect 2: it’s Mordin Solus performing a hilarious parody of Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous patter song. Also…...

Just what IS fun to fight through?

Spoilers if you don’t know the Normandy’s crew members, but I lol’d.