Archive of : April, 2009

Spy Slaying Kukri +9

It looks like the folks at Valve have something in the works for Team Fortress 2. While it had recently been announced that the sniper would be the next character to get an update, it was much more interesting to read what is being said in the Valve forums....

Image of the Week!

A screenshot by Seyon screwing around in an achievement map, it would be perfect but for the huge brown chunk of shrapnel in the lens. But awesome just the same.

We Will Be There Soon

Over the Thanksgiving holiday of last year, I performed a gaming trifecta: I finished two games and got 100% completion on the other. I never got around to talking about those games. One of those games was Assassin’s Creed. Assassin’s Creed is a parkour assassination game set in a...