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Unkle – Burn My Shadow

The truth of the matter is that I’ve been living in a media cave for about two years now. Anything that has come out – songs, videos, TV shows – I’ve probably missed. Thanks to the Fuel trailer I posted the other day though, I found this...

Away From Keyboard

On holiday, be back in a week!

Image of the Week!

Featuring the TRAIN OF DOOM (to Manhacks)!!! Credit goes to Taco for the killer design, supervision, inspiration, etc. – Seyon and I stuck on a few pieces at random, I think. Seriously, if the 4 had this, they would have gotten to Riverside in oh… two minutes.


If 5,000 square miles of open wilderness to race in while dodging tornadoes, brush fires and other drivers sounds appealing to you, this may be your game. Fuel, by Codemasters, is an open world racer set in an alternate present where global warming has really screwed over...

Image(s) of the Week!

I miss farming in Guild Wars: with the right build, anything was possible.

All the Colors of the Rainbow, but Not

Squigs in Warhammer Online are summoned in a variety of colors, like a putrid, snot-nosed rainbow or chicken-flavored Skittles. For all of those die-hard Squig Herders out there, here is the color pallete* of your basic squig: * Named to the closest Citadel Colour paint.

Image of the Week!

Whenever I see this image, I am reminded of the Fog of War from the RTS Warcraft games. And speaking of, this is (surprisingly) not an shot from WoW, but from Warhammer Online. It is a High Elf area: very scenic, very pastel.

Liberty City Police-Brutaly Incompetent? Or Incompetently Brutal?

-= TGE CRIME BUREAU =- Liberty City- With the city in what has been called the worst crime wave since Italians showed up in America, concerned citizens are outraged at the response, or lack there of, from LCPD. Ongoing gun battles, car chases, murders, gang activity, and an overall...