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Happy Home Showcase: Nintendo Staff SpotPass

Nintendo has changed updates to every other week. Added reorderable DLCs and special non-shop or rare items. Nintendo has brought back Reggie from Nirvana. Nintendo seems to have stopped updating the HHS. Every Monday, Nintendo of America updates the Happy Home...

Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tips 2

Every day, we continue to learn new things about Animal Crossing: New Leaf and thought it was time for another tips post. As before, these tips are more for veteran players but are just as helpful for beginners. Shaking trees is a nice way to find two free furniture...


While doing my morning browsing the other day, I came across a new Genki Sudo’s World Order video. We had posted a video of theirs three years ago. While similar in that it features their hallmark dance style of slow motion movement, this one is for the...

the geek escape v3

We’ve updated to a cleaner vintage look, complete with a responsive design and fancy, shmancy Nivo slider. Game on!