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Loading L4D Faster

Tired of the slow loading times between double-clicking your Left 4 Dead icon and actually joining a game? Cry no more, these two tips will save you those precious seconds that can make all the difference:

Image of the Week!

Ah… Age of Conan: such potential, such an epic failure. Obviously a camera bug, but a M-rated camera bug. And trust me, you want to choose “2. Goodbye.”

Image of the Week!

Remember when everyone and their not-interested-in-L4D mom used to play Team Fortress 2? Much as I despise Snipers (scope-and-twitch envy), this is definitely one of my favorites.

Blade & Soul

There is a new MMORPG coming out from NCsoft called Blade & Soul. I heard about this in the second half of last year when a trailer was teased for a week and then finally released. Sadly since then, there really hasn’t been any more information leaked...