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The Mad King’s Clock Tower + Easter Egg

This is one of our many runs through the Mad King’s Clock Tower, a jumping puzzle which was part of Guild Wars 2’s 2012 Halloween event. In addition, we recorded an Easter Egg that a fellow tge member pointed out on the official forums: a hidden message...

Guild Wars 2 Terminology: Primary Attributes

Since the release of Guild Wars 2, we have been playing a ton of it. It’s a fun game and has lived up to my expectations, but I will talk about what I think of it another time. Today, and in future posts, I want to discuss Guild Wars...

Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood: Castello Crasher

I’ve finally gotten around to playing AssBro, something I’ve been looking forward to since completing Assassin’s Creed 2. There are more things to do in this game, one of them being achieving full synchronization of memory sequences (completing a bonus objective of missions). “Castello Crasher” is the...

Sorry, a learning -what?

We’ve been playing a lot of Saint’s Row: The Third lately and it’s been a lot more fun that I thought it would be. The game doesn’t take itself seriously and is filled with tons of over-the-top action and crude humor: it’s Grand Theft Auto as imagined...

Guild Wars 2 Release Date!!!

We’ve waited five years for this, so here goes (deep breath): Guild Wars 2 will launch on Tuesday, the 28th of August, 2012! Pre-purchasers will have their head start beginning August 25th. Looking forward to the fun. Official announcement


I knew there was a reason to continue in this gray, cynical world (and why I own a PS3): Ōkami HD!!!

Dear Esther

The mod sat in my download directory for about a year: I had downloaded it right after Rock, Paper, Shotgun had announced its release. I knew it to be what I call an “art game,” my own made up genre where gameplay takes a backseat to artistry. They often...

Headless Kamikaze Attack! [Serious Sam 3: BFE]

This is a short clip from my second run-through, approximately half way through the “The Lost Temples of Nubia” chapter, trying to find all the secrets. It’s not quite the way to play a Serious Sam game, but I was quite surprised about the outcome.