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Cool shot, bro!

I really like this Borderlands 2 screencap – but it’s an endgame spoiler.

You crafted that into an amulet.

Finally, after many long decades of research and toil by Priory, said experts have found conclusive evidence on the origin of Orichalcum ore.

Bikinis and Full Plate

When we stopped playing Warhammer Online, I didn’t post anything on it, largely in part because I was so done with the game that I didn’t even want think about it anymore. I recently uploaded my WAR screenshots to the newly upgraded Gallery 3, which reminded me about the...

Jules Verne had nothing on this

Minecraft has tunnels to the center of the earth. This was taken in multiplayer before the ocean could draw, and it shows off the extensive cave system quite well.


Pardon me while I indulge in an internet meme – I did not think that this was possible. Previously, every 4 hours and 17 minutes there was a 3.57% chance of getting a random hat. Hats now seem to only drop during the weekly limit, but this two-in-a-row appears...

Yes, this was real and, yes, I am just that juvenile.

This was, sadly, an unacceptable word in Bookworm Adventures Deluxe. I’m guessing possibly because it is two words and there was no space.

FYI, I Am a Happy Spy

Achievement unlocked!

RED Team MVPs!