Archive of : August, 2011

freddiew’s “Crossfire (ft. Steel Panther)”

Bwahahahahahaa! Now YOU will be singing the song for days too! It’s a sweet tribute to childhood games, none the less.

The Ending of “A Sackful of Fluff” Quest [Witcher 2]

***THIS IS A SPOILER FOR “A SACKFUL OF FLUFF” QUESTLINE*** This is a silly (and rather awkward) ending for one of the free DLCs from the Witcher 2. In addition to the :O factor, you receive a fun trophy for completing this quest. Oh, and CD Projekt...

Bullet Sponge

Near the very end of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, I came across a enemy that just wouldn’t die. Apparently, he was just immune to bullets, not sharp pointy things.

Freezing Water (time lapsed)

After an update, we noticed our SMP server began going through an Ice Age and all the water was freezing over. What you see above is a time lapse of the process set to some nice ambient music by Aphex Twins.

Fable 3 Miscellany

After we completed both the finishing moves and bug video, we still had raw Fable 3 movies that were good. So this video serves two purposes: the first is to hopefully entertain you, the second being to free up some hard drive space.