Archive of : February, 2011

Disabling the Windows Key

The Windows key can really be the bane of gamers. Depending on the game’s control scheme, one accidental hit of the windows key and you’re left looking at your desktop. Some games respond well enough to being forced to desktop, others just crash. Disabling the windows key is an...

Lots o’ Landscapes

Two videos of interest came out today featuring many panning landscape shots. The above video is for the new Elder Scrolls game, Skyrim, and is the first trailer featuring in-game footage. While I’m glad there is a release date for the title, knowing that it’s not until...

No-Longer-Living Land Mass in the Middle of Water

Above is the trailer for the upcoming zombie game Dead Island, developed by Techland, and it’s been everywhere. Besides all of the major gaming sites, (largely in part due to its taboo shock factor) this video has been seen on almost all geek and pop culture sites:...

Guerrilla Tactics

Playing through Red Faction: Guerrilla unlocks cheats. This is me playing with some of them after I had completed the game.