Archive of : November, 2009

I am Supremely Suspicious

…that something is amiss with the hat drop rate since the Team Fortress 2 Hallowe’en Special. The Geek Escape has three accounts running almost 24/7 in our Achievement Idle server; since the September 2nd update we’ve been getting around one hat every other day between us. Since Halloween, we’ve gotten...

An Independent Studio Short – Fumiko’s Confession

I came across this 2 1/2 minute anime short in the course of my daily browsing and throughly enjoyed it. While watching it, the old Looney Tunes cartoons came to mind. If nothing else, you can get your daily recommended pantsu. Loose translation:

Backlog: Mass Effect

Since we’ve had this website, there were games that I completed but never really wrote about. I always fully intended to do a write up on each of them, but for one reason or another, didn’t. I would like to do a series of very quick write ups about...