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Fable 3 Finishing Moves (PC version)

One of the really cool things about the combat in Fable 3 is the occasional coup de grâce of an enemy. These extravagant flourishes* are triggered randomly, with particular animations based off of your weapon (easiest), the enemy type, the attack timing, and your distance from the...

Farewell to Seawell, Part 4 – The Four Seasons

Good-bye, Seawell, we’re sad to see you go. Except the flower watering. And the animal trails. And that freaky Easter Bunny that still gives me nightmares.

Interior Design in Fable 3

Warning, minor spoiler ahead. There is a point in Fable 3 where a decision must be made regarding the (all important!) decor of Bowerstone Castle. Like all the choices in the game, it boils down to if you want to go “good” or “evil.” The NPCs offering the option...

Visualization of Death

The very mesmerizing video above is actually a 3D visualization of deaths from impacts in Just Cause 2; they can be from hitting the ground or getting hit by an object. Each white dot represents one of over 11 million of these deaths. The video was created...