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InMomentum mini-review

InMomentum, developed by Digital Arrow, has gone through quite a few changes since inception. This game was originally slated to be released as a mod but then went commercial. It also started development on Unreal Development Kit but switched over to Unreal Engine 3. The gameplay itself...

Happy holidays, everyone! (Except snowmen.)

Man, I miss Calvin and Hobbes… Wonder what Mr. Watterson has been up to lately.

Ragdolls in Spaaaaaace

In Skyrim, the giant has an attack that kills you and sends your ragdoll flying up into the air. It’s often reported as a bug but I think Bethesda fully intended it.

How to Make Minecraft Show in Steam

UPDATE: This method works both before and after the 1.6 Horse Update. For at least a year, we’ve been trying to figure out how to get Minecraft to show up in Steam’s friend list. The problem was that adding the exe normally as a non-Steam game resulted in a...

Animal Crossing 3DS New Info Go!

Yay! Finally, some new information about Animal Crossing 3DS came out today via a developer video from Japan. The video over ten minutes long, so for the tl;dw crowd, I will break down what we found out. First, what we knew:

Random Shots: The Last Dump

It’s finally done – this is the last left over video bits from years of screwing around in Team Fortress 2. Not much more to say about it, but I think the music is good. I’m really looking forward to my next (and last) TF2 video, no...

Farming as Fun

Can farming in games be fun or enjoyable? And when I say farming I’m not talking about games like Harvest Moon. I’m talking about farming as in playing a game with the sole intention to gain something by repeatedly performing some action. What is gained is most often loot...

In Minecraft SMP 1.8+, wolf spawn rate is extremely low.

That’s survival multiplayer servers. We have been playing Minecraft almost daily since Beta 1.8 was released: through 1.8.1, pre-release 1, pr2, pr3, pr4, and pr5. Never in all that time (almost two months) have we seen wolves except when first creating the world – and even that was rare....