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Just Another Witch Glitch

Funny stuff. I didn’t really have to change my pants though, promise. No really, I didn’t. Really.

Left 4 Dead 2! Wait. What?

The recent announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 has had mixed responses from the gaming community: some people were happy, most were a little confused, and quite a few were severely pissed off. Left 4 Dead had just come out in November and most people were waiting for more content...

There’s a Zoey Nude Skin Mod! [NSFW]

Been expecting this for a while and surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, but a nude skin had finally been released for Left 4 Dead’s Zoey. Zaigo (aka Root Overload) is the creator, also known for his skinning of the Age of Conan characters. Zaigo is constantly tweaking his mod...

Left 4 Dead 2 in November

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Left 4 Dead 2 was announced by Valve at E3 last week, and is marked for a November release. I wanted to do a quick post for those of you that may have not heard much about the release. Let’s start...

Image of the Week!

Zombie male? Female? You decide. Image courtesy of Domino.

Image of the Week!

“You on drugs, boy..?” My video card is, apparently.

Image of the Week!

Since we were too cheap to make our own, one of our friends decided to take it upon themselves to help promote the site. Francis seems to like it anyway.

Left 4 Dead Survival Mode

With the Scout update out, we can now look forward to the big addon for Left4Dead. Here are some new videos of Survival mode for the upcoming “Survival” update. I really can’t wait, though we have already done this by seeing how long we can hold out after the...