Archive of : October, 2011

Raining in Caves: A Minecraft Beta 1.8 and 1.8.1 Bug

Another Minecraft bug where rain pours down inside a cave.

Stuck Between a Ledge and a Hard Place

We are still going through old videos, recorded and forgotten. Occasionally, we find a gem. I haven’t played Team Fortress 2 in over a year now but watching this video makes me miss playing Demo. For anyone who has played tc_hydro for any amount of time, they...

Nine Fail-Spartans

Making our last Team Fortress 2 video dump (leftover, random clips) became rather boring because… well, I don’t play it anymore and they’re not that interesting. So instead, I have created this short Minecraft video featuring Domino and Pigmen and loud music.

freddiew’s Inverted

Very seriously, I almost pee’d myself. In other news, apologies for the lack of videos/posts. We’re waiting on a non-pre-release version of Minecraft before we start taping. That and Seyon is Lazy.