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Imitation the Sincerest Form of Theft?

This is old news, but most people missed it when it first came through. Borderlands (2009) seems to have been heavily influenced by “Codehunters,” a film short created by Ben Hibon in 2005. It was made for MTV Asia as part of their 2006 Music Awards show....

Please Go Read this Comic

…if you’ve played Team Fortress 2 in the past few months. It’s true, it’s all true. I’ve pretty much stopped playing after the update that added 50 bajillion new weapons, with exception of playing against bots. There is just no way for me to devise a strategy on-the-fly against...

Red Faction: Guerrilla

I don’t even wince anymore at people in movies or video games getting stabbed by knives or swords but, on occasion, I still catch my body tightening up when I see someone take a sledgehammer anywhere on their body. We have all been hit hard by something dull and...

Emetophobics Beware!

…or “Screwing Around Again in L4D2, part 251.” This is 54 gigabytes of raw footage edited into four minutes of short clips for today’s attention-deficit netizens, myself included.