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Imitation the Sincerest Form of Theft?

This is old news, but most people missed it when it first came through. Borderlands (2009) seems to have been heavily influenced by “Codehunters,” a film short created by Ben Hibon in 2005. It was made for MTV Asia as part of their 2006 Music Awards show....

The Dukes of Pandora (outtakes)

Them Duke boys got themselves in a world o’ trouble. Luckily, there’s respawn points.

Hold Down E in Borderlands

…And you can pick up a bunch of loot at once, though this will probably only apply if you run a multiple Bloodwing build. At level 50, multiple stacks of $700 to one grand are not uncommon. From each enemy. Plus health. And ammo. Add in a maxed Ransack...

Falling Out

I know there are many others looking forward to Borderlands, much like me. I kept thinking about what class I would want to play but there was never really that much information about the classes and skills until recently. Last week I saw some of the first completed skill...