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A Relaxing Ride

This was recorded off of the second tge server. We didn’t have a separate build server then and so kept this server around for quite some time. Minecraft was still very new and magical for us: there were no beds, no creative mode and we were not...

Private Time at the Work Bench

Dead Island is a very, very, VERY buggy game, but this is one of the non-game-breaking, non-skill-point-wasting, non-making-you-deaf, non-locking-up-your-PC ones. I can’t judge Logan though – everyone needs a little private time, even during a zombie apocalypse. Music: “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk

Hidden Potions of Solitude

One day while mindlessly jumping around Solitude in Skyrim, I found a health potion on the top of a wall. I thought of the health potion on the ground near the Winking Skeever and wondered if there were other ones around. After some searching, I found a...