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The Physics of Jiggly Bits [LP2]

In a recent Steam recommendation for Lost Planet 2, I said that it’s “the best coop game you’re not playing.” Something we didn’t know about when we first played through was the ability to unlock skins for other characters, in this case the Femme Fatales. These unlocks...

Creating a Custom Minecraft GUI Texture Pack

It’s actually very simple. Things you will need:The original Minecraft GUI image files are located in C:\Users\\AppData*\Roaming\.minecraft\bin. Open minecraft.jar with your archive program. Double-click the gui folder, then drag-and-drop gui.png and icons.png onto your desktop. These two files contain the GUI and main menu images. Edit those new pngs...

In Essence, Just Cause 2

I just started playing Just Cause 2 but already have close to a dozen mods loaded. There is a decently sized community with some really nice mods. Sadly, the one I was looking the most forward to was broken by a recent update: the Bolo patch allowed...

Bikinis and Full Plate

When we stopped playing Warhammer Online, I didn’t post anything on it, largely in part because I was so done with the game that I didn’t even want think about it anymore. I recently uploaded my WAR screenshots to the newly upgraded Gallery 3, which reminded me about the...

Geek Soft: Vegas Movie Studio HD 9

As seen from the previous posts, we’ve been churning out videos like crazy. The editing tool that lets us do this is Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 9. At $44, I’ve found that it is the affordable AND intuitive alternative to: Windows Movie Maker, which is free but overly...

Happy Thanksgiving and Let’s Blow Stuff Up! (part 2)

We promise this will be the last TNT video in Minecraft Alpha. For a while. I think I enjoyed making this one the best; slow motion isn’t the only effect that makes things cool.

Let’s Blow Stuff Up! (part 1)

Our continued adventures with TNT. This video captures the entire half an hour process, sped up into a happy five minutes. Stay tuned for more.

2-methyl-1,3,5-trinitro-benzene. Hey, chemistry class!

Here’s us screwing around with TNT in Minecraft Alpha before the multiplayer damage bug is fixed (which may be tomorrow). Also, these explosions need more Jerry Bruckheimer.