Blade & Soul

[youtube id=”4sQH2xK7Jek” align=”center”]There is a new MMORPG coming out from NCsoft called Blade & Soul. I heard about this in the second half of last year when a trailer was teased for a week and then finally released. Sadly since then, there really hasn’t been any more information leaked out besides a couple of tidbits. The art designer is Hyung-tae Kim, whom you may know as the character designer for War of Genesis III and Magna Carta, both PS2 games. As the trailer shows, it has a very striking visual style. It will still be a while before we get to play it though, as it is marked for beta testing in fourth quarter of this year.

Blade & Soul [NCsoft]

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  • Taco
    24 Jan 2009


    This game looks awesome. Thanks for the heads up!

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