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It looks like the folks at Valve have something in the works for Team Fortress 2. While it had recently been announced that the sniper would be the next character to get an update, it was much more interesting to read what is being said in the Valve forums. While researching some information, I came across misterdevious’s post that summarizes this new information very well.

So what’s this all about? Well in short, there will possibly be new items in Team Fortress 2; the first clue, you may have already seen. In the character loadout screen, there is a section for “Head.” That, along with the information found by Dracula Guy in one of the coding sections for menus, makes a compelling argument for headgear being added.

While that is interesting, oddly enough it’s not the only information that has been uncovered. It seems that Valve is playing with the idea of adding random weapons to the game, an example being “MediGun with +10% UberCharge Rate and –10% Healing Rate” or something to that effect. This is supported by the same menu code Dracula Guy found.

This would explain the very confusing update note for the last Team Fortress 2 update: “Added the ability for players to permanently delete items from their inventory using the new Backpack menu. This does not reset achievements. Once an item has been deleted it can never be re-earned.”

Why would you ever want to delete any weapon? The only thing that would make sense is if you had a limited amount of room in the backpack for the upgrade weapons. A quick count shows that there would be more than enough for all three weapon slot upgrades for all classes, which only further makes me think they will be adding some type of collectible item.

But then why a weapon? Sound files were found (in a now lost thread) that were translated over from Russian and French for the Heavy and Sniper, listed below respectively:

My fists, they are made of STEEL!
All will fear my giant new gun.
I have new way to kill cowards.
New gun is unfair to tiny baby enemies.
I am heavy weapons guy and THIS is my new weapon.
Yes, I like this new weapon.

This is… beauty!
Look how beautiful this is!
Just glance at it!
Hahaha… new weapon… somebody won’t be lucky!
I’m sure I will like it!
Now I have a real cool gun!
It seems this is a very helpful thing!
Hahaha… like in the morning of Christmas!
Look at this beauty!

With all this said, you need to keep in mind that there is A LOT of speculation in this thread, with a sprinkling of facts to gel it together. This could just be something that Valve was testing and some of the code got pushed to live by mistake. Or it could be completely correct and we may be playing quite a different Team Fortress 2 in the future.

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