Please Go Read this Comic

…if you’ve played Team Fortress 2 in the past few months. It’s true, it’s all true.

I’ve pretty much stopped playing after the update that added 50 bajillion new weapons, with exception of playing against bots. There is just no way for me to devise a strategy on-the-fly against [insert class] using a [insert one of over 100 class weapons]. So now in my spiteful bitterness, TF2 has become just another M-rated game with twelve year old douches or people acting like twelve year old douches running around randomly, death-matching with their (online order!) virtual penis hats. It makes me want to go and buy the simple pop art print of 2Fort to remember the “good old days” but, ironically, it isn’t available anymore.

#288: A Kinder Surprise [VGcats]

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  • Seyon
    26 Jan 2011

    It’s sooooo true. i <3 VGCats.

  • Doughboy
    26 Jan 2011

    VGCats rule =). And yeah, this is pretty much how I felt shortly after all the class updates (namely around the scout and pyro updates). I really truly loved the original game as it was, which makes me sad to see it now as a twisted perversion of its’ former self =(. I could rant about it for an hour or so, and I probably have to you guys already, so I’ll leave it at that =P.

  • Tayko
    29 Jan 2011

    I still don’t understand why I can’t get my money back. It’s not the game I originally bought…

    I sure do miss the good ol’ days with you and Seyon. :(

  • Moon_Master
    30 Jan 2011

    It’s just not the same anymore. I feel like a senile old timer playing tf2 now a days. I keep saying to myself as i see some crazy new hat or weapon,” i remember the when…”. Anyway, it’s just a perverse alienated version of the game we all grew to know and love.

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