Animal Crossing: New Leaf Tips 2

Every day, we continue to learn new things about Animal Crossing: New Leaf and thought it was time for another tips post. As before, these tips are more for veteran players but are just as helpful for beginners.

  1. Shaking trees is a nice way to find two free furniture every day. Also, many insects can only be found from shaken trees. Most people know this though. The tip is to open your town gate to stop bees from appearing and stinging you. (Don’t forget to close the gate afterwards.)
  2. Dressers and wardrobes in villagers’ houses can be opened by the player. Sometimes an item is discovered and the villager will give it to you.
  3. Finding and occasionally falling into the new pitfall that is spawned every day can get tiring – luckily, there is a way to stop new ones from appearing. If a pitfall is buried anywhere in your town, preferably in an out of the way area, new ones won’t spawn. The new tricky pitfalls work even better as the “x” they put on the ground is smaller.
  4. What does it mean?!?!

  5. Once a town has reached 50 days old and the player has clocked 50 hours, the town tree will have a planter box that can be sat upon. This triggers a cool event that shows the town history in scrolling text.
  6. While the bugs and fish you have caught will show up in your encyclopedia, creatures donated to the museum will not. Previously in Animal Crossing: City Folk, the player would talk to Blathers to get this information; the info in New Leaf is not as readily apparent. There is an exhibit guide out in front of the museum that one can interact with to get a full list of donated items.
  7. To get the maximum amount of bells for items sold in the flea market at Re-Tail, take the amount that Reese first puts up for the sale price, multiply it times four and then subtract one bell (price x 4 – 1). There is also a maximum cap of 9,999 bells that villagers will pay, even if an item is worth more, e.g. Golden Furniture.
  8. When a villager comes in to buy an item in Re-Tail, they can sometimes take a long time to decide. A nice tip here is that you can push them around so they look in the direction of the sale items. They won’t get mad like they would when pushed around outside.
  9. With new villagers being able to plop their house down almost anywhere, it really puts any hybrids in town in danger. There are a few safe areas that the flowers can be placed: one square around houses, buildings and public works, and two spaces around the town square. But the very best place to avoid losing hybrids is by placing them on the beach.
  10. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  11. When the player goes to the island, they are stripped of their items and are unable to access their mailbag. One would think, therefore, it would be impossible to get hybrid flowers there, but, it can be done if the player puts the flower in their hair. Actually, two hybrids can be taken per trip if one of them is a rose, as they are held in the mouth.
  12. Villagers can be sent items through the mail to replace items that they currently have in their house. This can be useful if they have some item that you want, as the item may eventually be traded to you or show up in Re-Tail. This also works with the shirts they wear. Ugly shirts can be replaced with something more pleasing.
  13. If you are tired of having the villagers trade or sell back items that you gave or sold to them before, there is a trick to make them stop. If the item is customized first, they don’t trade it back and only sell it back to Re-Tail rarely.
  14. You gunna eat that??

  15. During fishing tournaments, the reward for beating first place can be a piece of the Fish Series furniture set. It may appear random, but Chip actually gives you these furniture specifically when your fish is large for its species. The key phrase during the conversation is “Man, this is big for a _____!”

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