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Well, Valve has gone and done it: they’ve taken away all the beautiful hats picked up while using an “external idling application.” Not only that, any other items obtained in the idle program have been removed and a warning issued to any future “cheaters” regarding their backpack stuff, while the good guys received a halo. Yes, à la Haibane Renmei.

But what else has come from all this? For one, a new hat drop rate, much improved over the previous time:

  • Hat chance per drop: 3.5714% or 0.035714
  • Drop chance: Every 25 min, 1 in 4.

Let’s start with 2000 drops:

2000 drops x 0.035714 hat chance = 71.428 hats

Breaking that down to one hat:

2000 drops / 71.428 hats = 28 drops per hat

28 drops per hat x (1 drop per 100 min) = 2,800 min

= 1 day 22 hours 40 minutes

For another, forums and forums of NERD RAGE!!! It’s thick, like that savory cap that forms on old pudding, feeding me and making me stronger. Think Tetsuo. Nom.

And lastly, an IDEA. This one comes from Domino, our newest (and third wow!) member. It’s rather simple but games, albeit MMOs, have been doing it forever. Players really, really want hats so… make them purchasable. At two bucks a pop, people are bound to buy them – hell, some would buy them all. And if, on average, one hat is bought per character, that would be eighteen bucks. That’s $18 for Valve towards the next game, or for their employees, or to change Left 4 Dead 2 into an expansion pack, which of course would then be bought in droves. If people don’t want to spend the money, they don’t have to, there will still be the random drop factor. QQ problems solved, yay.

PS: Do not wear the halo as a Spy. It is a Bad Idea.

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  • Taco
    06 Sep 2009

    Hehe… That’ll teach ’em. Thanks valve. Dom’s idea is pretty good, look at the sheep that eat out of the hands of EA for The sims and their endless supply of expansions and useless accessories. But it works better in this regard because it would be a positive for the community. Only if valve doesn’t turn into greedy little bastards like the rest of the snooty publishers out there.

  • Treayn
    15 Sep 2009

    Haibane Renmei was a kickass series.

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