Falling Out

I know there are many others looking forward to Borderlands, much like me. I kept thinking about what class I would want to play but there was never really that much information about the classes and skills until recently. Last week I saw some of the first completed skill lists and thought that I would pass them along to make the wait a little more bearable.

A couple things of note though, the first being a level cap of 50. You get your first skill point at level 5, and can be used to get your special skill for your class. From then on you get one point per level. All skills can have five points put into them, which gives you 45 points to put in your skill trees as you see fit. That’s enough to level two trees to the top level and have five points left over. What I assume is that you have to put five points into a tier before you can put points into the next.

Mordecai the Hunter
Lilith the Siren
Roland the Soldier
Brick the Tank

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