With Achievements, Who Needs Friends

I was looking at the Team Fortress 2 Achievement page and noticed something I thought was little weird. More people have gotten the “Milestone 2” achievement (24 Medic Achievements) than the “With Friends Like these…” achievement (Play on a team of 8 made up of only players from your friends list.) with 4.4% and 4.3%, respectively. These just barely knocked out “Chief of Staff” (Accumulate 1 million heal points) at 4.0%. The least achieved one, excluding “Milestone 3”, is the “Family Practice” achievement (ÜberCharge ten of your Steam Community Friends). Sad lot, we gamers, eh?

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  • Taco
    07 Jun 2008

    Heh, that is sad. I think the problem is most gamers are set to be the best and fail to realize the real joy is the social gathering. *frown*

  • Moon_Master
    09 Jun 2008

    Wow I got that achievement a while back I didn’t know it was so hard for people to have friends. Then again if they joined OWS they would make a lot of friends in no time.If interested click on the link —> and then click on uncle sam when on the front page.

  • Mouser
    03 Aug 2008

    Achievements annoy the crap out of me. I think they are probably one of the worst inventions in gaming yet. The fact that you can actually affect gameplay in TF2 with certain achievements strikes me as self-defeating. But that’s me; you know, the guy who HATES GW titles too…


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