In Conclusion: Oblivion

It was months ago that I finally finished The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, by Bethesda Softworks. I say “finally” but not in a negative way; it comes from playing the game for over a year and doing ever bit of content available in the game. I did all the main quests. I did all the city, village, faction, master training, Daedric, and miscellaneous quests. I even did ones that had no journal entry.

I could give a nice long review of all the good things and few annoyances of this game but honestly, I’m probably way too biased. So in lieu of listening to a raving fanboy, I will give you assorted statistical numbers from my time spent in Cyrodiil.

Let’s just start with some basics. My character was a female Ainmhi, which is a custom race of cat girls, named Sarah. Mine just so happened to also be a futanari. (A Google search on that term is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.)

When I retired Sarah, she was level 45, which is on the low end for maximum level depending on your race and the major skills you choose. Here are some specifics:

  • 241 quests completed.
  • 441 Fame with 0 Infamy, but that is not to say that I didn’t get any infamy points during my play. The ones I did get were expunged when I completed the pilgrimage for the Knights of Nine quest.
  • 3,859 items stolen, including 25 pickpockets. The pickpockets seemed too low; it may not have counted if I wasn’t detected.
  • 66 assaults and 16 murders with all but one of those murders being part of the Dark Brotherhood quests.
  • 2,367 creatures and 994 people killed. NRA would be proud. PETA would not.
  • 292 places found. I really tried to explore every location in the game but with a game world so large, I’m sure I missed a few.
  • 608 locks picked, 1,287 souls trapped, and 1,090 potions made. Sadly, out of all those potions, I probably only used a couple dozen of them. But I still loved gathering all of the plants and assorted animal parts for them.
  • 1,698 books read, 385 jokes told, and 27 diseases contracted. I swear those diseases were mostly from zombies… mostly.

Some of the most interesting stats to me are the ones that don’t have to do with gameplay:

  • I had a total of 2,159 save files when I quit. I saved often in part due to the mods I had causing some game instability.
  • Total gameplay time was 465 hours, 57 minutes, and 36 seconds. That’s nineteen and half days.
  • I had 208 mods loaded taken up 5.7 gigs of space. One of those mods were made by myself as a bug and annoyance fix. The TES Construction Set that was provided with the game made modding really easy.
  • The largest portion of those 208 mods were companion mods. I had custom-loaded exactly 100 companions in the game. I wasn’t aiming to have exactly 100, it just happened to turn out that way. While I had 465 hours of in-game play, I spent almost as much time downloading and installing companion mods. When I was done with that, I would spend as many hours costuming and choosing weapon loadouts for them. Wolf called the game my dollhouse.

I loved this game but it really was a time sink and have been avoiding playing Fallout 3 because I feel it will consume me in the same way. So for now, I’m taking a break from Bethesda games, but don’t tell Wolf that I’ve already started downloading mods for Fallout 3.

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  • Jade
    03 Jul 2010

    I’d seen you playing Oblivion a lot recently, but wow that is an impressive total time.

    When it comes to mods, I fell in love with Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul. That improved the game in so many ways. BTW, what was the mod you made?

  • Tayko
    03 Jul 2010

    5.7 gigs? I’m disappointed in you. I have 12gb. Though that includes the Qarls texture packs which I’m pretty sure is the reason my last graphics card melted.

    465 hours is nuts though. Hats off to you.

    “Two-tailed” furries are never appropriate. Was this a mutation that occurred in an oblivion gate? O_o

  • Seyon
    05 Jul 2010

    The mod did many things but was first written to fix this bug. My character had max Acrobatics at 255. Which meant she wasn’t supposed to take fall damage but the way the formula worked out. I took more damage than I would have if my Acrobatics was at 0. . Also I would often change the stats of in-game items and items I downloaded with the mod.

    Yep, I only had high-res texture packs for HGEC.

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