E3 2010, Tuesday and Wednesday Synopsis

Following is some of the big game information coming out of E3 2010, or at least the games that interest me. Click the jump below for more tantalizing videos.

Possible Ocarina of Time Remake for the 3DS

Journey (A game by the makers Flower)

GoldenEye for the Wii

Lost In Shadow

Call of Duty:Black Ops

Portal 2 [and more info]


Crysis 2

Twisted Metal for the PS3

Zelda’s Skyward SwordWarhammer 40K Space Marine (FPS)

Warhammer 40K:Dark Millenium Online (MMO)

Infamous 2

Kingdoms (from the Crysis Devs)


Project Dust

Child of Eden

XCOM Fable 3

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