Brink’s Good and Bad News

[youtube id=”EfvfIXTFWJc” align=”center”]Brink, the first person shooter developed by Splash Damage, released a new gameplay video during E3. But along with this video, we were told that the game would be delayed to sometime next year. This would be the second big delay for the title originally slated for a spring 2010 release but bumped back to the fall of 2010. This delay generates some doubt for the title – games that get delayed multiple times seem to end up with scores lower than expected.

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  • Jade
    03 Jul 2010

    I still think its lame that a game that brags about being super customizable, decided not to include females. That’s like, Customization 101. Male and Female options are always the first thing anyone shows when showcasing character customization.

  • Tayko
    03 Jul 2010

    Lame… This was suppose to be my replacement for TF2. The void in my heart is growing.

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