Recently Completed Cleanup

I’ve been chugging along completing games, trying to reduce the size of my “to play” list that seems to grow more often than it shrinks. Following are some brief thoughts about the games that I’ve finished but didn’t write on:

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned

+ Better handling for motorcycles.
+ Addition of mid-mission save points.
+ Coolest gun so far in all GTA games: the Street Sweeper.

– Poor story and character development; you really don’t care about Johnny.
– Broken Free Roam in multiplayer.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

+ Multiple mission save points.
+ Return of fun missions not seen since San Andreas.
+ Luis was more like Niko, a likeable guy with no conscience.
+ Parachute and Automatic Shotgun.

– Some of the activities needed for the 100 percent were excruciating.
– Not being able to kill Rocco, a major flaw.

Chronicles of Riddick : Escape from Butcher Bay

+ Great characters and voice actors.
+ Fun melee combat.
+ Enjoyable story.

– Autosave system can save in horrible times resulting in nearly impossible missions.
– Weapons are taken from you regularly.
– I waited too long to play it and it didn’t age well.
– Certain story elements go against mythos established by the movies.


+ Beautiful stylistic world.
+ Highly mod-able.
+ You can send your pet to town to sell for you.
+ Rewards are often upgraded loot.
+ Occasional difficulty spikes, which could be remedied.

– Death Penalties too steep.
– No online play.
– Only three classes.
– No information on skills.
– No reskill without mods.

Crysis Warhead

+ Same great graphics of Crysis.
+ Gameplay wise, more enjoyable and fun than the original.
+ More focused while maintaining sandbox environment.

– AI still a little too easy to outsmart.
– Vehicle segments.

Reasearch and Development

+ Great quality for a mod.
+ Easily completable in one or two sittings.
+ Everything felt like it belonged in the Half-Life universe.

– One puzzle I had to lookup online on how to get passed.

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