Bikinis and Full Plate

When we stopped playing Warhammer Online, I didn’t post anything on it, largely in part because I was so done with the game that I didn’t even want think about it anymore. I recently uploaded my WAR screenshots to the newly upgraded Gallery 3, which reminded me about the one thing I did like about the game: late-game armor.

Overall, armor looks and designs were poor in the game. They were mostly tiered so that everyone at a particular level looked the same. I never found any armor that I liked for my Sorceress; I actually liked some of the Zealots early armor more than I did with much of the later armor; my Witch Elf’s armor was hot all the way through, if for no other reason than her armor usually was no more than a bikini; but my favorite armor was my Black Guard’s.

When I started playing the game, I knew nothing about the Warhammer universe, so when Mythic said that the Black Guard was not going to be one of the player classes, I was indifferent. That was until I saw a fully decked out Black Guard NPC in-game. I wanted to play one and before too long, they added them in the game. Days before we stopped playing, I finally got the last couple of pieces of armor to complete the look. My armor was the same as that NPC’s, only colored different.

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