Interior Design in Fable 3

Warning, minor spoiler ahead.

There is a point in Fable 3 where a decision must be made regarding the (all important!) decor of Bowerstone Castle. Like all the choices in the game, it boils down to if you want to go “good” or “evil.”

The NPCs offering the option made it seem like a morality-changing big deal so I wanted to know the ramifications, if any, beforehand. Not finding a definitive answer or any images, I decided to post them:

The most obvious difference is the interior color, where the carpeting, wallpaper, and curtains are either blue or red. Outside, the “evil” sky is pink with fast-moving clouds, and there is a light fog and rain. The choice is fully aesthetic though, as it did not affect character morality in any way.

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  • macho
    24 Nov 2011

    thank you, that helped a lot!!!

  • bre
    16 May 2012

    i read this after i chose i love red but im good so i chose blue *sigh* oh well

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