Fable 3 Finishing Moves (PC version)

[youtube id=”aGhC3gcThbY” align=”center”]One of the really cool things about the combat in Fable 3 is the occasional coup de grâce of an enemy. These extravagant flourishes* are triggered randomly, with particular animations based off of your weapon (easiest), the enemy type, the attack timing, and your distance from the enemy (hardest). In rare instances, they even play in slow motion, which was a real treat.

Having only seen incomplete versions on the web, we thought it would be fun to capture as many as possible. And what started off with just a few videos here and there ended up being a huge endevour, requiring us to record practically every fight. Some moves were much harder to trigger than others, based on the rarity of the enemy (mercenary boss, wolf) and the timing of our parry. There are also slight variations of the same move for the different enemy types.

Considering all the possible variables, even with two playthroughs each while purposely trying to force the finishers, we don’t think we’ve seen them all.

* These differ from the charged flourishes which can be initiated at will.

EDIT: We forgot to point out that supers performed against bosses or mini-bosses would zoom the camera in but not slow the action down.

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  • Doughboy
    23 Jun 2011

    Very cool footage and nice work editing you guys =)

  • Kris
    16 Feb 2012

    Nice could you do a comp of clothing as well i loved customization in fable games.

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