Fable 3: Bugs Abound

[youtube id=”6-8gCfnTuUI” align=”center”]The Fable series has long been known for having more than its lion’s share (har) of bugs. Above are some of the more harmless bugs we’ve encountered while playing through, the exception being the Royal Army or Guard bug. This issue first started after Seyon activated The Traitor’s Keep DLC and eventually locks the game up (we believe due to the large amounts of memory used to render the extra bajillion NPCs).

Along with this was a very serious CTD bug which always triggered when clockwork bugs attacked/casted/ did whatever. The quest involving these creatures could not be completed. Also, after this started, any fire effect from mercenary bosses or Hollow Man lightning would randomly cause a CTD.

These bugs, along with the low frame-rate that began after main storyline completion, made for a truly frustrating post-game experience.

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  • Destroyer2X
    05 Oct 2011

    Any fix for the guard bug?

  • Seyon
    05 Oct 2011

    No sadly. It seems in least part due to my decision to increase the guard’s budget, but I can’t be sure as I was getting so many bugs. I didn’t have the bug on my evil playthrough when I decreased the guard’s budget.

  • Destroyer2X
    09 Oct 2011

    I have the bug on my playthrough where I decided to maintain the guard’s budget. Very strange indeed.

    I’ve uninstalled Traitor’s Keep and started a new game with the hope of not getting the bug. However, I’ve seen a few other videos of the same thing happening on the 360 months before Traitor’s Keep was even released. I’m not convinced it’s the DLC that’s causing it.

    Your thoughts on how to avoid this bug would be greatly appreciated…

  • Seyon
    15 Oct 2011

    I didn’t uninstall Traitor’s Keep on the second playthrough, I just didn’t do the DLC. And as I mentioned, I decreased the guard’s budget. I do remember trying to keep less gold in my treasury but I’m not sure that really did anything. That was more for the bug of where the camera doesn’t move when you load into a new area for the first 15 secs or so. Eventually, my game install and save files became corrupt so I gave up. I had to full playthroughs so I got my money’s worth. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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