In Minecraft SMP 1.8+, wolf spawn rate is extremely low.

That’s survival multiplayer servers.

We have been playing Minecraft almost daily since Beta 1.8 was released: through 1.8.1, pre-release 1, pr2, pr3, pr4, and pr5. Never in all that time (almost two months) have we seen wolves except when first creating the world – and even that was rare. After that first login, wolves are just gone.

We have flown around those maps* extensively looking specifically for wolves and, while seeing regular spawns of other animals, did not find a single one.

I’ve found very little evidence of anyone else having this issue: exactly two hits on the entire internet. One asks for conformation of any wolf sightings in SMP and the other is an attempt to verify animal spawn and despawn rates, including some interesting wolf code.

Creating a GetSatisfaction problem topic seems like a waste – once an issue is off the font page, it’s almost impossible to find. Or perhaps my topic was too wordy or not inflammatory enough.

I’m not sure if this is an isolated issue or if Mojang has any idea about it or it’s just that no one else in the world plays multiplayer, but I suppose that’s what mods are for.

* At the time, all of the tge servers were vanilla/non-modded.

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