Animal Crossing 3DS New Info Go!

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Yay! Finally, some new information about Animal Crossing 3DS came out today via a developer video from Japan. The video over ten minutes long, so for the tl;dw crowd, I will break down what we found out.

First, what we knew:

  • You are the mayor of your village.
  • The character following you in the previous video, we know to be your secretary.
  • Character design is different. Characters are taller.
  • Clothing now consists of a top and a bottom.

And what’s new:

  • You can play in friends’ villages through local connection.
  • As mayor, you can change the look of your village with things like benches and street lights.
  • The village is much bigger and so is the beach.
  • There is a shopping mall across the train tracks.
  • Villagers have different body sizes. For example, the squirrels are small and the bears are big.
  • You can now customize your furniture, i.e. changing the pattern of a sofa cushion.
  • You can customize the outside of your house by changing the outer walls, fence and mailbox post.
  • As part of Street Pass system, you will be able to trade your house design with complete strangers.
  • These Street Pass homes will show up as model homes outside your village.
  • Tom Nook will show up as a Real Estate agent managing these houses.

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