InMomentum mini-review

[youtube id=”TqgSn35kIQY” align=”center”]InMomentum, developed by Digital Arrow, has gone through quite a few changes since inception. This game was originally slated to be released as a mod but then went commercial. It also started development on Unreal Development Kit but switched over to Unreal Engine 3.

The gameplay itself is quite simple: you travel from Point A to Point B as fast as possible by jumping and maintaining momentum. Right-click is a regular jump and left-click is for wall jumps and double jumps – you can only double jump if your last jump was a wall jump. There is also a limited slow time function and a projectile shooter for removing blocking walls. There are two game modes for single player. Sphere Hunt requires that you pick up every sphere to finish while Time Trial doesn’t require gathering the spheres, just going through all the checkpoints. Sadly, its tutorial is poor and gives you little idea on how to play the game.

This feels like a game that was made for old school rocket jumpers and bunny hoppers. The sense of speed in this game is really amazing. I think anyone who enjoyed Mirror’s Edge Time Trials would also enjoy it. The most amazing thing for me was that failure wasn’t as frustrating as it is in other games: it was just a chance to repeat and improve. If any of what I have said appeals to you, I highly recommend getting this game.

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