Unkle – Burn My Shadow

[youtube id=”BSsMGNwYDdg” align=”center”]The truth of the matter is that I’ve been living in a media cave for about two years now. Anything that has come out – songs, videos, TV shows – I’ve probably missed. Thanks to the Fuel trailer I posted the other day though, I found this song: “Burn My Shadow” by Unkle. The singer is Ian Astbury from The Cult. The actor is Goran Visnjic, whom you may recognize as Dr. Luka Kovac from ER.

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  • Taco
    28 Feb 2009

    Hehe, very cool. I really like the beat to that song. They need to make more music videos like this. A lot more engaging than just watching a band lipsync and play their instruments unplugged. ^_^

  • Treayn
    04 Mar 2009

    Unkle is an awesome band :)

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