SAB: 500 Baubles with Just a Shovel

[youtube id=”69C49rxJYkk” align=”center”]This is my bauble run in World 1 of Super Adventure Box, the April Fool’s day surprise by ArenaNet in Guild Wars 2. It is not a speedrun or tutorial or walkthrough by any means, just something more for posterity’s sake to say, “I did this once.” (Or 270 times.)

With nine characters to get through and also wanting to open the mini-boss chests, I had to figure out the most streamlined, consistent path possible. That meant not stopping to kill mobs, depending on them to drop keys, backtracking for chests, or detouring great distances for hidden rooms, Queen Bee Dogs, etc.

My bauble-hording is due to one of the designers hinting that the following SAB iterations will be more group-oriented and/or score-based; also that these skins will be unique to this month’s event. I’m hoping this won’t be the case though – this is the closest I’ve come to finding something like solo farming from the original Guild Wars. I will truly be sad when April ends.

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