Left 4 Dead 2 in November

As I’m sure most of you have heard, Left 4 Dead 2 was announced by Valve at E3 last week, and is marked for a November release. I wanted to do a quick post for those of you that may have not heard much about the release.

Let’s start with the location: it’s a new one, this time in the South. The game begins in Savannah and ends in New Orleans, with some of the fighting occurring during the day. There are four new survivors; Coach, Rochelle, Ellis and Nick, who will have more interactive dialogue than in the previous game. L4D2 will feature five campaigns.

New specials are being added with the Charger being the only one announced as of yet. He has one overgrown arm and charges the survivors trying to knock them down, but not necessarily incapacitating them. He also has an attack where he’ll smash your face into the ground repeatedly until another survivor frees you. Some of the common infected won’t catch fire, namely the ones in Hazmat suits. The Witch has some new tricks up her sleeve now: during the day she will not just sit and cry, she’ll get up and walk around.

New to the game are melee weapons, something the game terribly needed in my opinion. You will be able to use axes, bats, frying pans and even chainsaws. There are at least 20 new weapons but very little known other than new shotgun, a new semi-automatic and a new sniper rifle. Also, something that sounds like a lot of fun are the incendiary rounds.

Valve is introducing particularly difficult areas to get through called Gauntlets. In an attempt to stop players from hiding and waiting out panic events, they have changed some of them. Now, you’ll be forced to reach a check point for the event to end.

That’s about it. Below I’ve linked (the videos kept breaking) some of the PC gameplay videos. All the gameplay videos that came out earlier last week were for the console so it was nice to see some PC ones. You can see the walking Witch and the new way pipe bombs handle rag dolls. Enjoy.

E3 09: Direct-Feed PC Gameplay Part I [Gametrailers]
E3 09: Direct-Feed PC Gameplay Part II [Gametrailers]
E3 09: Direct-Feed PC Gameplay Part III [Gametrailers]
E3 09: Direct-Feed PC Gameplay Part IV [Gametrailers]

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