Animal Crossing Wishes and Pet Peeves – Part 2

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While we have no news on the next Animal Crossing game, Nintendo hasn’t left us completely high and dry: they announced a spin-off called “Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.” It consists of you helping to design villager homes and will be the first game to support the new amiibo card format.

As we drooled over the sort-of expansion, we came up with another page of Animal Crossing pet peeves:

  1. Here is another idea to keep wanted villagers from moving out and it’s quite simple: what if villagers were stuck “in boxes” until you said good-bye? That way, you would always be able to change their minds like in Animal Crossing: Wild World.
  2. I thought of this Big Wish idea after hearing one of the dialogues from a villager who was visiting my house. They will sometime joke about moving in, but what if they really did? What if you could rent out one of your rooms to a villager? It would be so awesome if you could have one of your dream villagers as a housemate.
  3. An added feature that could really open up the community is the ability to send mail through WiFi. Sometimes you just want to give an item to a friend but it’s too much trouble to visit their town to do so. I’m honestly surprised this feature is not already in-game.
  4. Storage is a problem in almost any game but in New Leaf, there are about 1,300 furniture pieces alone. And while you don’t have to store all of these items, many furniture sets are not reorderable, so many players feel compelled to store them in case they want to use the set at a later time. The game gives you 180 spaces for storage, officially. People have found ways to store more items by attaching furniture to letters in the Post Office or creating another villager, but it really is a lot of hoops to jump through when the developers could easily just give us more space.
    There are other ways they could alleviate some of the storage pressures. In City Folk, Brewster would store one of each of the gyroids. They should bring that back. Nintendo could stop making furniture sets non-reorderable. That would probably be the biggest help.
    Pattern storage is another major issue. I would say they number one reason someone creates a second villager in their town is to store more patterns. You can only hold ten, which is way too limiting for the increasingly elaborate use of patterns for paths. A complete, two-wide path with borders would require eleven patterns; more than you can hold. This really seems like a silly limitation that should be fixed.

  5. Double Rainbow All the Way!!!

  6. We would like a way to get rid of unwanted villagers. Having a hated villager can really hurt your desire to play the game. Villagers can also block public work projects like bridges. This happened in Wolf’s town where Chadder blocked a bridge for over a year because he refused to move. An easy way to do this would be villagers that are mistreated are more likely to move out. Hitting them with a net, pushing them into pitfalls, giving them fish when they ask for fruit, and send them trash in the mail could all contribute to them moving out.
  7. The public works campsite was a really nice addition to series. It allowed us some ability to choose who moved into our town, but still, it could use some improvement. The first would be to stop having campers show up when you are full – I think having a dream villager showing up then just aggravates people more than anything. On the other side of the coin, we should see many more campers coming through when then town is not full. Nintendo could even use a game mechanic where perfect towns are more likely to get campers.

Below is a list of some of the smaller peeves and/or wishes we have:

  • Less unnecessary and repeated dialog with villagers and other NPCs. Some of the worst examples are when going to the island or when turning in fishes and bugs for the tournaments.
  • The ability to mute the TVs without turning them off.
  • After joining Club Tortimer, the third item for sale should change and not just be another application to join.
  • Give use beach-only public works or the ability to put some public works on the beach.
  • Change the balloon drops from just balloon furniture.
  • More public work project suggestions from villagers.
  • Rocks placement can be really bad, so have some way to move them would be nice.
  • The game would be less stressful if you could lockdown your town for move-ins and move-outs.
  • Make it where tools can’t be sold or destroyed (especially the gold ones).
  • Fruit should auto stack while being picked up.
  • You should be able to stack fruit while your closet is open.
  • You shouldn’t have to read mail before you delete it.
  • Villagers passing around bad T-shirts happens way too often.
  • Speaking of clothing, villagers display T-shirts as furniture way too often.
  • Other player’s mailbox making noise is annoying. They didn’t do that in City Folk. Maybe they could just flash or be muted too.
  • Erasing a pattern on the ground when trying to pick up something near a pattern.
  • And one of my biggest peeves is that you have to constantly click a button to swim.

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