Edge of Twilight Trailer

[youtube id=”j5SateAymKo” align=”center”]Previous to running across this trailer, I had heard zero about Edge of Twilight. EoT is a third person, steampunk action game developed by Fuzzyeyes Studios, which I hadn’t heard of either. The only other game I can find that they developed, seeing as they don’t even have a Wikipedia entry, was called Hot Dog King: A Fast Food Empire (but it was also known as Hot Dogs Hot Gals). We’re not talking about a Triple A title here as this screenshot shows.

It would then be understandable that I wasn’t expecting anything from Edge of Twilight given developer history, but starting up the trailer, I instantly got a very different feeling. The architecture first caught my attention, followed closely by the music; a mix of synthesized music with guitars and violins creates a haunting score. Then I noticed the city and how alive it look; NPCs aren’t standing around waiting for you to acknowledge them. Details from steam rising in the shape of the grate it passes through to the drug-using beggar makes the world feel truly lived in.

What can be best described as beautiful violence, the gameplay combat scenes send chills down my spine: gory and over the top but not out of place. And of course, everything is cooler in slow-mo.

Over the trailer, a dialogue of bitterness and hate give the final touch of mood to a game that I will be surely following in the months to come.

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