There’s a Zoey Nude Skin Mod! [NSFW]

Been expecting this for a while and surprised it hasn’t happened sooner, but a nude skin had finally been released for Left 4 Dead’s Zoey. Zaigo (aka Root Overload) is the creator, also known for his skinning of the Age of Conan characters. Zaigo is constantly tweaking his mod so check the download page at l4dmods or his site.

The Zoey skin will run client-side (your machine only); this image shows her off fairly well and is probably not safe for work.

The skin itself is fairly well done with only a few visual oddities, most notably in the stomach and legs. It seems as if the original skin is still there, resulting in a strangely contoured belly and a seam down the ankle. She’s got physics-enabled breasts and is well detailed down below.

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