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Rocket Jumping Tutorials for TF2

There are metric ton of “How To’s” for rocket jumping in Team Fortress 2 and I’ve probably watched most of them. None of them really compare to honorablejay‘s videos though, at least in terms of covering everything from the beginning.

Dirty, Dirty Hacker

I was recently vote banned (for hacking) while playing Team Fortress 2 and just so happened to be recording a demo. This was on a SourceOP server which is a bit disappointing because they usually seem to attract the more mature players. It was just a temp...

Do Something About that Ugly Menu Background in TF2

…With replacement backgrounds. Download the file for your monitor’s aspect ratio and copy into “…\Steam\steamapps\\team fortress 2\tf\materials\console”. If the folder does not exist, you will have to create it. There are two versions, one for the default UI and the other for the classic menu.

Creating Multiple Engineer Buildings in TF2

First off, this requires server-side modification, but if you don’t have access to your own dedicated server, this can be done with a listen server. Your friends can then connect using our listen server guide. On a dedicated server: Navigate to the “/tf/scripts” directory on your dedicated server. Open...

How to Build a Mini Level 3 Sentry [OLD]

On July 9th, Valve claimed that they “fixed an exploit that allowed Engineers to build level 2/3 mini sentries.” Well, they did fix one way, but it wasn’t this one. EDIT: They fixed this in the July 13th update.

FYI, I Am a Happy Spy

Achievement unlocked!

One Engie, Multiple Sentries

To commemorate the almost-Engie update, here is a compilation of older clips taken almost a year ago featuring multiple sentries.

Running a Listen Server for Team Fortress 2 [UPDATED]

Not much has changed since we first created this post almost two years ago, just updates to Hamachi and some links, but I figured that a rewrite was in order due to its popularity. Hope this helps. Install the free, unmanaged version of LogMeIn Hamachi². Download it here. Click...